Bath and shower products made in France
Pleasure and dermatological rigor for your skin

• Made in France •

All our products are made entirely in France for better quality control

• Quality Products •

With 30 years of experience in dermo-cosmetics, we design our products with the most appropriate ingredients for your skin type

• Elegant Design •

Our products fit perfectly in your bathroom, powder room, or kitchen

• Attractive Price •

We can offer you the best value for your money

marseille liquid soaps

Liquid Marseille Soaps

Enriched with nourishing, protective olive oil, our Liquid Marseille Soaps gently cleanse the hands and body. Made in the pure Marseillaise tradition by a master soap-maker, they are formulated with 100% vegetable oils and cooked in a cauldron. Naturally rich in moisturizing glycerin and essential fatty acids, our soaps protect the skin from dehydration.
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Aleppo soap

Aleppo Soap

The oldest soap in the world, Aleppo Soap has unique properties! Made with a base of olive oil and Laurel berry oil for soothing benefits, Aleppo Soap is authentic and natural. Respectful of the skin and the environment (easily biodegradable), it has been recommended since ancient times for sensitive, irritated, damaged or dry skin.
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ultra rich shower gels

Ultra Rich Shower gels

Our superfatted shower gels are designed for sensitive and delicate skin. Thanks to their physiological pH, they respect the skin's balance. Enriched with natural extracts, these shower gels will give you moments of deliciously scented pleasure.

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